What is made by order [MBO] shoes ?

- MBO shoes means we only make shoes after receiving an order from you and you can customize your shoes size, heels, color, models, etc . We will make your shoes 7-days of work starts one day after we RECEIVED and CONFIRM your payment.

Why 7-days-of-work?


- Usually we make shoes only 3-days-of-work after we RECEIVED and CONFIRM your payment, we make it 7-days-of-work just in case we have some problems, like run out of materials or our employee sick etc.

Receive a refund?

- I' m so sorry dear, we do not receive any refund. Because you measure it on your own, that's why we recommend to measure it very carefully. ^^

Delivery and rules of Delivery

- JNE, POS (international buyer), or you can come to my house to place an order or take your shoes,

just send e-mail to info@decimalshoes.com
For international buyer the delivery will take 10-20 days of work if not being held by customs in your country and if you want to make it faster please let us know but surely there is a difference in shipping cost

we are not responsible if your shoe return to us because of  incomplete address or any reasons, customer must pay the shipping cost for the second delivery.

 Payment ?
- For Indonesian buyer we have 3 bank accounts, BCA , BNI and MANDIRI
each account you'll get when you confirm your payment.
- For International buyer we using Paypal and Western Union. please write down in the Notes when you want to confirm your payment, whether you want to using Paypal or Western union. Don't forget to check you e-mail for our data.

Receive costom made?

if you want to use your own picture or your own shoes design please sent an email to :


- please fill
*the colors of the picture may be different due to the pixels of every computer