Tuesday, April 3, 2012

GIVEAWAY! -Free Lovato-

For Indonesian only :)

caranya :
1. LIKE fanpage Decimal Shoes
2. Koment dibawah post Lomba mengenai apa yang kamu suka dari Decimal Shoes, apa yg kamu suka dari LOVATO dan kenapa kami harus memberikannya ke kamu, secara ringkas, jelas dan padat yaa sertakann imel kamu agar kami dapat menghubungi kamu ^^
2. Mention dan FOLLOW @decimalshoes di twitter apa yg kamu suka dari Decimal Shoes hastag #freelovato

Lomba ditutup pada tgl 10 April 2012 pada pukul 23.55 WIB dan diumumkan pada tgl 12 April 2012. 



  1. Decimal Shoes, thanks for let me joining this giveaway again <33

    I really love Decimal Shoes <3 <3 As you can see from my blog about my last handmade shoes they made for me. The super comfortable shoes with extraordinary materials and plus with the friendly owner that not get mad with me after i nagged a lot with her about my too much wants this and that.

    When received the package, i jump and pose a lots with my super new babies. Its so comfortable. And the size is fit my feet perfectly <3 <3

    Decimal Shoes is very affordable with super high quality of the products. And if You can give the pictures with testimonials to the owner for the first time purchase, they will give you 10% discount for the next purchases <3 <3
    For those who loved shoes, you must take a look their collection or if you want to request about your dream shoes, you can directly request and they will provide for you. You can choose the details from the size, materials and then they give you the most affordable dream shoes you will ever had <3

    And now, she giving away another pair of shoes which called LOVATO , check it out here http://www.decimalshoes.com/products_detil.php?id=172&pr=LOVATO

    From the name given, you already know this shoes is very full of Love <3 And yes, i can't stop dreaming of winning this giveaway to get FREE LOVATO <3 <3

    If i really could win this giveaway, i will post on my blog, a post full with outfit post feat all decimal shoes that i have. Hope i could win this , decimal.

    You rock btw..

    Full Name : Cindy Tanuwijaya
    Email : tanuwijaya_cindy@yahoo.com

  2. Hahaha i want to join, but I already bought it and currently waiting for it lol

  3. Apa yang aku suka dari Decimal Shoes?
    Pertama harganya! Harga yg dipatok Decimal shoes itu gak mahal. Beda sama shop2 yg lain yg menjual shoes dengan harga yg setinggi2nya, karena brand mereka cukup terkenal sdgkn kualitas? no 2 :/. kalo menurut aku Decimal ini lebih mengerti apa yg mau sama konsumen. Dan kualitas selalu di utamakan. bener gak? ;)
    Apa yg aku suka dari Lovato dan kenapa harus memberikannya ke aku *kalo menang? itu karena lovato punya desain yg unik ><, warna dark blue yg menurut aku seksi kalo memakainya dan tinggi nya yg buat kaki cewe lbh jenjang dan seksi lagi :D
    Terakhir kenapa harus memberikannya ke aku? sejujurnya aku gak punya heels, tapi wedges semua. Dan kenapa memberikannya ke aku? karena itu desainnya yg unik dan membuat kaki cewe lbh jenjang, aku punya masalah dengan tinggi badan yg cukup pendek hehe.

    semoga aku bisa menang! :)
    buat yg lain good luck juga!

    twitter: @NOVI_VINOO
    facebook: Novianty Effendy

  4. Woooow! a giveaway from decimal shoes! *happy

    Yang aku suka banget nih dari decimal itu.. Keunikannya, Kenyamanannya dan Kualitasnya. :) dan gak cuma itu.. decimal shoes juga ngasih harga yang bener2 ramah di kantong alias harga yang terjangkau banget.. :D yaay!

    Dan Lovato shoesnya juga bener2 unik dan lucu.. apalagi platform yg ngebuat lovato shoes jadi semakin keren.. Juga untuk design high heel yg gak biasa itulah yang ngebuat lovato shoes jadi one of my favorite decimal shoes.. apalagi di kota aku belum ada sepatu yang designya unik begitu.. jadi aku pengeeen bgt. hihihi

    oh! wish me luck.. *fingercrossed

    twitter : @niddskinny

  5. aw i love this blog! im a huge fan of extraordinary shoes! :) count me as your new follower and blog admirer :)

    (in my blog, theres a sponsor page, you might want to check it. free advertisement! pls visit so you can have a market buyers here in philippines)